Welcome To Enterprise

Thank you so much for booking with us. We really hope you enjoy our place as much as we do. Don’t forget, for the best prices, book with us directly at


74 Enterprise House

Isambard Brunel Way




0191 605 3222


Check In Details 

The house doesn’t come with parking, but there is a large multi storey just over the road


The keysafe is next to the front door and ours is the left hand one (see picture). The code is 1989. If you’d be kind enough to close the keysafe and mix up the numbers after you’ve retrieved the key


To enter the building, please use the digital keypad and enter the code 02580 then press Enter, the flat is on the fifth floor


Please place all rubbish in the wheelie bins at the back of the property.


Upon check out, if you could return the keys to the keysafe and, as before, mix up the numbers. Please leave the flat clean and tidy, and put all rubbish in the bins outside