Welcome To Holyhead Rd

Thank you so much for booking with us. We really hope you enjoy our place as much as we do. Don’t forget, for the best prices, book with us directly at


244 Holyhead Rd,



0191 605 3222


Check In Details

244 Holyhead Rd is situated just to the west of the city centre, with easy access to the A45 and M6. It sits on the X1 bus route straight from the city centre.


There is ample on-street parking close by


Our keys are kept in a keysafe to the right of the main building door. It is the left hand keysafe and the code is 4478. When you’ve retrieved the keys, please close the safe, mix up the numbers and slide the black cover into place. To open the front door, press the fob against the intercom. It should beep and the door will unlock


We kindly ask that you return the keys to the keysafe and ensure that the numbers are mixed up and the black cover is slid back over them. Please ensure you leave the property clean and tidy, and place any rubbish in the relevant outside bin along the wall at the front of the block.